here was my plan: sell stuff on craigslist. one of the things I have listed is my jewelry making supplies. but, I was at target the other day and saw a necklace they had for sale and it gave me an idea for some new jewelry. I am going to make some and set them aside with all the other jewelry I have kept. I am going to try one more summer of selling before I pack it all away. all the made stuff will be part of what little stuff we take when we leave Alaska. leaving Alaska will hopefully be very soon because I don’t know how much longer I can take this cold weather.


4 1/2 years?


I really started tis blog in 2012. forgot all about it. so I was going to use this blog for telling everyone my progress on simple living and minimalism and survivalism and stuff. I had another blog I was using but my son took it over for YouTube so I erased it all and started a different one. I think I have only posted twice.

but, over the last year I have gotten rid of a bunch of stuff towards the whole minimalism thing. I still have a lot of crap to get rid of. I had a big sale last summer. what was left ended up at the salvation army. I did it to get rid of a storage I unit I was paying for that I didn’t want to pay for anymore. I as just paying to store stuff we weren’t using.

we have moved into a very small place and I need to get rid of stuff so we have space, and money. I have listed a bunch of stuff on craigslist to try and make some to put into savings.

getting rid of this stuff and making money to put into savings is going to help a lot when we leave the state. it will probably not be until 2018 that we move, but that will give me a chance to make and save more money and get rid of all this stuff. I need to get rid of the stuff in my house so I can bring the stuff out of my moms house and go through and sell all of it. and my car wont be paid off until 2018 so I have to stick around. unless of course I make enough to get us out of here sooner. then I will just give the car back and go.

Hello world!


Welcome to my new blog. Here you will find my ramblings on various things. Things like trying to live minimalistically, simply, homelesss living, survuvalism, cozy mysteries, and lots of various other things.Most of it may not make any sense in the beginning because i am bad at gathering and organizing my thoughts, but hopefully as i go along it will get better.