i have no idea what to do with this bog, but i’ve had it so long i want to use it for something. i thought about documenting my day to day but my day to day is beyond boring. i do have website but i still haven’t figured out anything interesting to do with it either. i usually just put up pictures i have taken.

so, about me. I am a single parent of a teenager who eats like he’s starving. I work a part-time job that pays me just enough to pay my bills. we live in a one bedroom apartment so the living room is also my bedroom. we don’t have to worry about company having a place to sit cause no one visits.

I have been in the process of downsizing my belongings for many years. not due to lack of space but cause I am tired of lugging so much crap around when we move, which we do, a lot. we want to leave the state, buy a motorhome, and live in it while traveling around. so we need less stuff and more money.

i am anti-social. i hate people. people are crazy. i only have 2 tv stations so i have to watch the news when it comes on. people in this town are crazy. there have been so many shootings and stabbings here lately. the world is going crazy. our government is full of idiots. north korea wants to bomb the fuck out of us. our economy is in the tank. too many homeless people and families and kids and nobody is doing enough to fix it.

global warming is real, people. we have had the most abnormal winters here lately. and it’s not just here. all over the u.s. the weather has been erratic.


on a happy note: